Tracking of Keystrokes

Typing AI monitors user behaviour traits acquired from typing a standardized sentence.

Biometric Fingerprint

Typing AI then generates a biometric fingerprint for each individual user.


Typing AI then verifies users during Authentication stage (re-typing the standardized sentence).

Simple Technology

Simply requires a keyboard and some basic software to collect data.


Based on behaviour traits that are acquired from the user typing on a keyboard.

Easy to Integrate

Built with standard APIs to integrate with other software solutions.


Keystroke authentication is used widely in industry.

Cost Effective

No special hardware to purchase, deploy or maintain.

Protects Privacy

Software does not collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII).


Keystroke biometrics can be easily integrated into a person’s daily routine.


Biometric characteristics can not be stolen, lost, or forgotten.


Biometric characteristics are unique to each person.

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